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Alberto Massera

Alberto Massera is a founding partner of Iur.Ap. He is a scientific supervisor of training activities.

He is retired Professor of Administrative Law, and former Professor of Public Law and Economic Law. He collaborates with Italian administrative law journals. He participated in many national research projects, also with functions of research group leader. His main research interests are in the area of administrative law, law of public companies, EU and comparative administrative law, public law history and jurisprudence.

His publications include a number of articles, book chapters and both authored and edited books. Among his most representive monographs, see “Partecipazioni statali e servizi di interesse pubblico”, “Lo Stato che contratta e che si accorda. Vicende della negoziazione tra PP.AA., tra concorrenza per il mercato e collaborazione con il potere”.


Fabio Merusi

Fabio Merusi is a founding partner of Iur.Ap. He is a scientific supervisor of training activities.

Retired full professor of administrative law at the University of Pisa – Law School, he is a barrister. Currently he is also external member of Managing Board of Scuola Superiore e di Studi Universitari Sant'Anna, Pisa (Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies). He used to be also the President of Cassa di risparmio di Pisa and Banca Toscana. He used also to be the President of Associazione italiana dei Professori di Diritto amministrativo (AIPDA), the Italian Association of the Professors of Administrative Law.

His experience includes research stays at the University of Frankfurt and the University of Freiburg; he has also participated in many conferences and seminars, both in Italy and abroad. He used also to be a member of many ministerial commissions, such as the one which drafted the reform of the Italian administrative trial. 

He published a huge number of articles, book chapters and books, which extensively cover the main problems of administrative law and public law of economics. Among his most recent publications, see “Democrazia e autorità indipendenti”, “Buona fede e affidamento nel diritto pubblico”, “Lezioni sul procedimento amministrativo” (edited book), “Le leggi del mercato”, “Diritto contro economia”, “I sentieri interrotti della legalità”.


Alfredo Fioritto

Alfredo Fioritto is a founding partner of Iur.Ap and the current CEO of the company (from February 2015). He participates in course designs and training activities. 

He is Full Professor at the University of Pisa where he teaches Administrative Law, Administrative Justice and Planning Law at the Law Faculty. Graduted in Law at the University of Rome (1980) with a thesis in administrative law, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Law of Paris "La Sorbonne" with a NATO-Advanced fellowship program (1987-1988) grant and a CNRS grant.

During his career as an academic, his research interests ranged over many topics of administrative law: policy implementation in agriculture, central-local governments relationship, trends in the administration by contracts in France and Italy, the negotiation in public contracts, simplification in administrative procedure and legal language, emergency administration. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Montpellier and a member of the EU China program for the introduction of an administrative procedure in China. He has given lectures in Italy and abroad and he recently published a book on the emergency administration.


Rita Biancheri

Rita Biancheri has been a partner of Iur.Ap since 2013, where she is in charge of training as well as designing training courses in the areas of welfare, equal opportunities, women and gender studies. She teaches sociology of family and education at the Department of Political Science of the University of Pisa and is a senior expert in women and gender studies.

Since 2014 she is the Secretary of the Sociology of Health and Medicine section management committee of the Italian Sociological Association (Associazione Italiana di Sociologia - AIS). She has published several books and articles on women and gender studies, organised and participated in national and international conferences and has extensive experience as a consultant for the public and the private sector.


Giovanna Pizzanelli

Giovanna Pizzanelli is a founding partner of Iur.Ap. She was also the CEO of the company (from 2012 to February 2015). She also collaborates in course designs and training activities. 

Degree: Political Sciences, Pisa University, Academic year 2001-02. Dissertation on the Spanish Authorities. Tutor: Prof. Alberto Massera ; Summa cum laude. Ph.D. on Administrative Law of Public Utilities, Pisa University, Academic year 2005-06. Dissertation on Consumer’s perspectives of Non Jurisdictional Protection on Public Utilities. The Spanish Case. Tutor: Prof. Alberto Massera. 2006-2010: Lecturer of Administrative Law, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy - First Cycle Degree in Public, social and business communication 2008-2011: Researcher with grant in Administrative Law, Faculty of Economics, Milan-Bicocca University 2012-at present: Assistant Professor in Administrative law and Environmental Law, Faculty of Political Science, Pisa University.

2003-at present: Member of a research group on Public Utilities; Administrative procedure and procedural rights; Environmental issues in the framework of the relationship among Empirical sciences, Institutions and Law; Administrative procedure and local distribution of gas and electricity in Spain; Administrative procedure about renewable energy field; Trans-European Transport Network; Environmental Asset Impact; Renewable energy field and Sustainable Development; Agro-food Wholesale Markets; Class Action against Public administration; Speaker in several conferences in the field of the above mentioned researches. Fellow Researcher abroad at the Faculty of Law, University San Pablo CEU of Madrid, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and University of Barcelona. Tutors: Proff. J.L. Piñar Mañas, M. Cuchillo i Foix e E. Malaret i Garcia. 2004-2011: Lessons and seminars given for Master in Sciences of Legislation, Faculty of Political Science, Pisa University; workshop and lessons given for training and refresher course for civil servants of local administrations and universitary managers about public information and communication, public marketing, public procurement, infrastructure planning procedures, environmental law and regulation, participation and the relationship between the public administration and the citizens, procedure and procedural rights.


Marta Simoncini

She is Assistant Professor of administrative Law at LUISS "Guido Carli" University, Roma. She holds a Ph.D. in Pubblic Utilities Law and Regulation from the University of Pisa. She was Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute and FWO post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Antwerp and King's Collage London. Alongside her laurea (Bachelor+Master’s Equivalent) in Political Sciences (majoring in Law) from the University of Pisa, she also holds a university diploma from Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento Sant’Anna, Pisa (Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies).

She partecipated in a number of national and international research projects. Her experience also includes collaboration with the Italian National School of Government, an internship at the Italian Data Protection Supervisory Authority and legal consultancy at the Province of Lucca. She is also  registered at the Province of Lucca as an expert in “Governance of Local Administrations”. She has consistent teaching experience both in Italy and abroad. She has also participated in many conferences and seminars, both in Italy and abroad. She published articles and book chapters in the areas of administrative regulation, public services, EU administration, independent agencies, and data protection. She also published a book on risk regulation.


Francesca Carpita

Francesca Carpita has been a partner of Iur.Ap since March 2013. In addition to training, she is in charge of coordination, communication, design and organisation of training courses.
She holds a PhD in public economic law from the University of Pisa, where she graduated cum laude in Political Science (Political and Administrative Studies), defending a thesis on conservation of historic centres. She then specialised in urban planning in protected areas and protection of biodiversity. She collaborates with the D’Antone-de Lorenzo law firm on cases of administrative law, city planning, public private partnerships and legal aspects of environmental/cultural heritage protection.
She is an honorary fellow in administrative law, comparative public and administrative law, environmental law and city planning law at the University of Pisa, where she works as a teaching assistant and conducts seminars in city planning law.
She received a scholarship to investigate the role of Regions and local authorities in managing the effects of financial crises on local businesses, with a specific focus on the role of provinces. She has recently been awarded a research grant on the topic of contracting for public services. She participates in ministerial research projects, has publications in administrative law and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars.